Nov 2016

Ministers of Higher Education of Kurdistan Region and the Federal Government granted to develop relationships

His Excellency the minister of higher education and scientific research Professor Dlawer A. Ala`Aldeen discussed with minister of higher education of the federal government Professor Ali Aladeeb ways of strengthening relations, this came in a meeting on Monday in the federal ministry of higher education in Baghdad. Professor Ali Aladeeb said in the meeting; the relation between the two ministries must be very special and should become a model for other ministries in the country for the particularity higher education has and it’s vital and leading role in the society, he also pointed out that efforts must be focused at the methods of improving Iraq in general via promoting the higher education sector and make it able to overcome the past and catch the global progress.

Mr. Adeeb also added, it is very necessary to join the regulations and rules between the two ministries in order to achieve universities independence and development of their abilities, he stressed the importance of the adoption of strategic goals to break old sediments, improve the scientific research in universities and to keep it away from political pressure and partisan, He also said that the Iraqi universities will not be able to develop or become internationally accredited without implementing  quality assurance and to have qualified graduates.

Mr. Aladeeb praised the efforts made by Kurdistan region ministry of higher education to develop and promote the universities in the region, he also hope that higher education will become a station for unity and for staff to act and have the spirit of citizens of one country for the good of the society .

His Excellency the minister of higher education and scientific research of Kurdistan Region said, the orientations of the ministry in the region indicate the reality that Kurdistan region is part of Iraq and the scientific and technical expertise are the strategic balance for the region, his Excellency pointed out that the universities and institutes of the region are eager to have more effective link with their counterparts in other areas of Iraq through joint programs for exchange of experiences which will achieve common prosperities.
His Excellency presented the new strategy adopted by Kurdistan Regional Government since December 2009 to reform and develop higher education, in addition to what have been achieved within the frame of the strategy and with full support of the leadership, especially in capacity building, quality of education, scholarship and the adoption of new program for higher studies and continues education for academic staff in addition to new universities and giving them more independence.

His Excellency added; it is important to have combined regulations and rules related to higher education, accreditation standards and certification equivalence.

Both ministers stressed the necessity to have joint meetings with presidents of universities and scientific institutes, exchange of expertise between the two ministries and their affiliated organizations and to overcome and ease the complications for student’s admission for scholarship, in addition to other aspects related to the development of the method of admission in universities and other teacher’s related aspects. The meeting was attended by deputy minister of the federal ministry of higher education, Dr. Salam Khoshnaw, Advisor to the ministry or higher education of Kurdistan, Dr. Kareem Abdul, President of Soran University, Dr. Muslih Mustafa, Director general of scholarship and cultural relations of ministry of higher education of Kurdistan, Dr. Govand Sherwani