Nov 2016

An Announcement from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

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 Regarding the press conference of Mr. Shwan Qaladzye, a member of education and higher education committee at Kurdistan Parliament, on 11th of August 2016 concerning the HCDP students at abroad, as the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, we think it will better to deploy some realities to public and all the HCDP candidates.

Shwan Qaladzye, Kurdistan Lawmaker, said, “More than 100 HCDP candidates have failed because of the financial crises and returned back to Kurdistan and they have to pay back the amount of money had already been given in installment.” Regarding this and as the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research refute all the information of Mr. Shwan Qaladzye, because there is not any student found who has failed in his education because of the financial crises of Kurdistan Region especially during the starting of the crises and also in installment but the ones whom are paid are the following types:

1.Any HCDP candidates whom done his/her study successfully and come back to Kurdistan, she/he will face a financial auditing and the auditing will be based on the tuition invoices and period of his/her staying in the country.  If the student is debt, the debt will be paid in installment; the numbers of students are 80 students - the ones whom done their studies successfully.

2.     Any HCDP students who have failed because of exam deceiving or laziness are counted as failures by a committee of academic staff of HCDP.  So, they will pay in installment.  There are also some students who have quit studying and they will pay back in installment because they were already paid by HCDP; their total numbers are 106 students.  It means none of them have failed because of financial crises.

Our ministry is in continues strife to provide all the HCDP students’ financial rights whom KRG has not been able to provide theirs on time because of the financial crises.  In doing this and backed by the decision of Ministries’ Council, our ministry has demanded the universities that HCDP students are studying to consider the financial crises of KRG and give a hand to the students.  Hopefully, the majority of those universities have stepped forward to give a hand.

If the higher education parliament relevant committees want to get sources and realities of information- especially the ones are related to the HCDP students and their financial affairs-, it will better to use the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as the only source to know the realities of the information.

At the end, we ask Mr. Shwan Qaladzye to send the names of the 100 students who says that they have financial crises and have failed because of the financial crises.