Nov 2016

Going Global 2012

His Excellency Professor Dlawer A. Ala`Aldeen the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Kurdistan Region participated in the Going Global 2012 conference held in London on 13 to 15 of March. His Excellency was accompanied by Dr. Issmat Khalid the president of Duhok University. Organized by the British Council, the conference was attended by representatives of more than 60 countries.

During the session His Excellency shed light on the reform process in higher education that has taken place in the Kurdistan region in the past two years. His Excellency stressed that the universities and institutes in the Region have made tremendous steps towards achieving quality assurance in higher education, implementing scholarships and agreements with centers of excellence around the globe. His Excellency invited the ministers and participants in the conference to visit the Kurdistan Region and to invest in higher education in the region.

Dr. David Luke of the British Council praised the model followed by higher education institutes and universities in the Kurdistan Region and referred to the Region’s reform process as achieving a “real academic environment”.

Dr. David Willis, the British Minister of Universities, also expressed support for the higher education model in use in the Kurdistan region. He added that he will visit the Kurdistan Region with a delegation of UK universities in order to exchange ideas and support the Region’s efforts.