Nov 2016

To facilitate Scholarship for Students Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research agreed with DAAD

Image removed.On 1st of December 2010, ministry of higher education and scientific research, represented by Dr. Govand Hussein, director-general of scholarships and relations and organization of DAAD, announced an agreement which was signed off by his Excellency the minster of higher education in earlier time, according to the agreement which, DAAD will coordinate the studying of about 400 winning candidates of HCDP students to study Masters and Doctoral in Germany.

The agreement was announced during the conference of Iraqi-German universities network which was held on the cultural hall of the University of Salahaddin, the event was attended by Dr. Ahmed Dizayi, president of the university and his assistants, in addition to deans and professors.

Mr. Alexander Haredi, head of DAAD organization branch in Iraq and Iran.

DAAD is an international organization working in the field of higher education and culture and aiming to build a cultural bridge among universities and institutes of Germany with other committees and it has very good relations with other world well-known universities.