Nov 2016

Start of Study after Newrozh holidays

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is pleased to extend its warmest congratulations on the occasion of Newrozh and the uprising, and wish this year`s celebrations to become an occasion to maintain security, stability and development in Kurdistan Region.

The Ministry also finds this occasion as a great opportunity to inform students of the need to commence studying directly after the normal holidays which is from 10 to 25 of March of each year, in other words, the beginning of the second semester which generally takes 15 weeks to achieve is March 26th 2011.
Therefore the Ministry is fully depending on the cooperation of professors, students and staff of higher education to maintain the normal studying procedures at entire universities, colleges and institutes of The Region. Also it is good to know that dormitories and other facilities are now open and receiving students as usual.

The Council of the ministry is relying on the commitment of students for attendance. Now on attending, students will be accurately recorded and no breach of instructions will be accepted from students either in group or individually. It is very important for all parties to understand that Universities and Institutes are spaces for teaching the youth of Kurdistan Region and therefore it is important to keep them away from any argument and external effect.