Nov 2016

QA team at the Ministry follows up the TQA pilot project


The Quality Assurance team at the Ministry of Higher Education is following up the TQA pilot project which was implemented this Spring. The team is composed of Dr. Sherwan Noori and Miss Samira Tawfeeq..

Recently they paid a series of visits to the QA offices at the major universities and foundation technical institutes in the region. These visits were conducted as part of the monitoring process within the overall TQA Pilot Project which began in April 2010.

From May 8-18 the QA team visited the University of Salahaddin, Hawler Medical University, University of Koya, University of Sulaimani, University of Duhok, University of Soran, the Foundation Technical Institute at Sulaimani and the Foundation Technical Institute at Erbil. The team identified the procedures and practical steps taken by each University/Institute as they implemented the QA system in their selected domains. They also identified the difficulties or obstacles each group faced. They found many overlapping issues that the universities and institutions faced in common as well as unique variations faced by individual institutions. In general the team felt that the QA procedure was successfully implemented and they were pleased to find that instructions were followed as expected. The Ministry QA team concluded that the work as a whole was successful and properly carried out.