Nov 2016

Notification: to all students admitted to scholarship program

Students who have completed all the requirements of studying, to visit the ministry /Directorate of Scholarships / HCDP program for the purpose of checking the required documents and organize their files and finish the transactions.

And also the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research calls dear students who are accepted in the program and have completed the requirements mentioned below, to visit the Office (Dewan) of the Ministry for the purpose of receiving money.

Scholarship requirements are as follows:

  1. Document of acceptance at the University (Offer Letter)
  2. Document approving the acceptance (CAS or ATAS)
  3. Document of passing the language test.
  4. Bail (Financial Guarantee)
  5. Guarantee of the amount of (75 million dinars for the Master and   120 million dinars for the PhD)