Nov 2016

France Offer Some MA Scholarships


 The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research lets the Kurdistan Region students know that French Ambassador of Baghdad, Cultural and Assistance Dept. offers some MA scholarship seats to the departments of Law, Economy, and Political Science of the third and fourth years of pre-graduates for the year of 2018.

In doing this and based on that, any interested students of the third and fourth year pre-graduates of the aforementioned departments at the public universities wants to study MA for the year of 2018, they have to visit the French Institution in Erbil to register.  The deadline is 2nd of Oct 2016 to start French Language at the Cultural Center of French Consulate to Erbil.

The Ministry lets the students of the above-mentioned departments- the ones will have the best chance to be accepted – know that there will be a six-month course of French language to have enough qualifies to get B2 at French Language.

Then, in December 2018 based on the language qualification and GPA, there will be appointed the best candidate by the French Consulate / Cultural and Assistance Department to study in France in MA.