American University-Kurdistan Will Participate in this Year’s ranking of Universities


                          Dr. Yusuf Goran, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research said, “American University-Kurdistan of Dhouk should seek the departments which are necessary to today’s market of Kurdistan.”

In the meeting in which Dr. Amanj Saeed, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s spokesman, and Dr. Hunar Argushi, board member of the university, and Dr. Michael William Mulnix, the American University-Kurdistan of Dhouk President were present and after welcoming the minister and thanked him to participate in opening ceremony of the university.  He gave a brief about the aim and work of the university in the future to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and asked the Ministry to help them in the way of achieving their targets and announced that the university will participate in the ranking of universities for this year with other universities.

Then, Dr. Yusuf Goran after welcoming the delegate, directed them to the way of increase the scientific level of the university and said to try to achieve the international trust and consider the necessities of Kurdistan Region since opining new department especially in teaching, and education of students and capable lecturer and look after the international relations in which nowadays Kurdistan region in need of that.  Opining Medical departments to nowadays of Kurdistan was discussed about.


In the end, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research expressed his happiness to participate the American University-Kurdistan in the universities’ ranking in Kurdistan.  He hoped to build a strong base of academic in Kurdistan and the world.