Teaching Quality Assurance Seminar at University of Salahaddin


On April 12 the  Presidency  of the University of Salahaddin organized a seminar on Teaching Quality  Assurance (TQA), a process which has been implemented in certain  colleges  and departments in the University on a pilot basis.

The seminar was  attended by the MOHESR QA team that answered questions on the QA  process.  The Director of QA at the Ministry stated that TQA is the beginning  of a long-term process involving administrative, curricular, graduate  programs and other aspects of higher education.

While realizing that  there are many challenges that lie ahead, such as the inadequate  infrastructure  of some colleges, equipment, number of faculty within departments, etc.,   faculty showed great enthusiasm for TQA and volunteered to participate  in the pilot project. This indicates a willing spirit on the part of  faculty as well as their drive and determination for the TQA process  to succeed.