In the presence of Dr. Yusuf Goran, the International Week for the Water of Kurdistan Finalize its Work by Taking Some Recommendations


                                                                                                                           “It is the universities’ missions to have scientific research about water and the problems will face in the future in Kurdistan Region and offer their recommendations and suggestions to KRG.” The Ministry of HESR said that.

This announcement of Dr. Yusuf Goran the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research came up at a speech releasement which today Tuesday 8th of March at the end day of the International Week for Kurdistan Water in Erbil in the presence of Dr. Ahmad Dzayee, president of Salahaddin University and University Lecturers and relevant ministries.

In the speech, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, hailed the importance of these types of activities and participating the other universities of other parts of Kurdistan and said, “The issue of water is one of the global issues, the nations and countries talking about this issue a lot.  So, this has become the subject of the day for the ones whom have faced this issue. He also said, “Regarding that Kurdistan Region and the whole region are facing this problem, it’s better to have different projects, plans, and give Kurdistan Regional Government right instruction for scientific and logical solution to this issue.”

He kept saying, “It is the universities’ academic and scientific duty to have scientific research upon this issue and its future in Kurdistan Region and send their suggestion and recommendation to Kurdistan Regional Government.”  The participants of the conference recommended Kurdistan Government to have dialogue with the neighbors to have a solution to the problem.

In the end of his speech, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research recommended the Salahaddin University to have a conference regarding the issue of water and water resources and invite the neighbors and the ones have faced this problem to the conference till a regional solution to this issue will be found.

In another part of International Week of Kurdistan Water Resources, some directions and instructions to solve the issue brought to the point of consideration:

1. Preserving the available water and water resources

2. Listing water resources as an essential and important case by government

3. Increasing harmony between the universities and water bureaus

4. Pay more attention to the water infrastructure

5. Increasing the Kurdistan Regional Government’s strife with neighbors to preserve water

6. Work with the local and foreign investors to invest in water sector and preventing its wasting

The Kurdistan International Week for Water was held by the relevant ministries, lecturers, Salahaddin University/College of Engineer and Water Resources for a week in Erbil.  In the final day of the conference, the participants of the conference were awarded the honor medal.