Monthly Allowance for Students

Reference to Letter number 465 issued in 13/01/2011 from Presidency of Council of Ministers, and letter number 2030 issued in 2/2/2011 from Ministry of Finance and Economy, The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has decided to pay a monthly allowance of IQD 150,000 to each student started studying in 2008-2009 in universities outside Kurdistan Region and still studying.

The allowance will be for four months and will be from the start date of studying year in 01/10/2010 until the end date of studying year. The monthly allowance will cover students who started studying in 2008-2009 and their names exist in the ministry`s dossiers and they provide enough documents to prove their continuousness in studying in universities outside the Region. Students who are covered by the decision may start visiting the directorate of finance in the ministry from the beginning of next week.