Activities of health & safety directorate at the ministry

The Health and Safety team headed by Dr. Brwa Mohammad Saeed visited the universities and institutes in Sulaimania, Dahouk and Koya during the month of June 2010.

The team held seminars explaining the importance of implementing the requirements of health and safety to protect the well being of staff, students and visitors as well as the environment and properties at work place.

The team also met deans, head of departments, staff and health & safety committees of these institutions.

The team focused on following up the main issues and the progress so far achieved.

The problems facing implementation were also explored and solutions to resolve such shortcomings and expediting implementation were discussed.

Priorities were identified and a mechanism for insuring smooth and effective communication was setup.

It is planned that such visits will be carried out at all institutions of the Ministry of higher Education to harmonize the implementation process and carry out the action plan set by the Health & Safety Administration within the overall policies of the Ministry.