The Ministry’s Spokesman announces Criteria for National Ranking of Kurdistan Region Universities


                                   The National Ranking of Kurdistan Region Universities is a project of the KRG Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which is scheduled to be launched for the first in the region in next September.

 “Preparations for the National Ranking of Kurdistan Region Universities, including both the public and private sector universities, are ongoing. Currently preparations are being made for accomplishing the process of data-collection, and then   all data will be fulfilled within a transparent electronic system,” Abbas Akram, the KRG Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s Spokesman told our website.
“There are many different evaluation criteria  in this project including the number and the level of researches, the number of professors and students, the level of quality insurance’s implementation, the universities’ infrastructure level, standards of developing education curriculum, the existence of special research centers as well as scientific magazines, and scientific activities locally and internationally,” he added.  
He also said: “The importance this project’s implementation is that it will raise standards of Kurdistan Region Universities; it will create a competition among the universities and finally the universities will be better acquainted with the international scientific standards, accordingly they will be better known within the international academic map.”
  “The Education and Higher Education Board in the Presidency of the KRG Council of Ministers reiterated its support for fulfilling the project, and this is another service to Kurdistan region universities, which will accordingly affect furthering the different sectors of the society,” he concluded.