Nov 2016

Ministry of higher education and scientific research announces (20) scholarships for foreign students


Having a special interest in Kurdish language, Literature and Culture, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research/ Kurdistan Regional Government is pleased to initiate a new scholarship program entitled Kurd Scholarships and call for applications for studies starting in the academic year (2018- 2019).

The dead line for application is August 1st 2018

Non Eligibility

  • Kurdish people
  • Iraqi and Kurdistan Region citizens


  • International students

Available scholarship types and number of seats:

  • Kurd Scholarships are available for bachelor in Kurdish language, Kurdish Literature, and Kurdish Culture for academic year (2018- 2019).
  • (20) seats are provided for the academic year (2018-2019)


  • The applicant has to have a high school (preparatory) degree, for example, National baccalaureate or its equivalent in other education system.
  • A- level in SAT1 and SAT2
  • The applicant has to submit two recommendations written by authorized officials at his his/ her school or work place.
  • The applicant has to submit his/her original copy of his/her degree with marks.
  • The applicant has to have at least (4.5) IELTS or its equivalent.

The Period of Study and the language in study program:

  • The period of the bachelor study is four academic years except the first year (Foundation) allocated for learning Kurdish and promoting communication and culture skills.
  • The whole four year bachelor study will be in Kurdish


Host universities:

The applicant will be hosted in one of the following public universities:

  • Salahaddin University/ erbil
  • Sulaimani University
  • University of Duhok
  • Soran University
  • Koya University

Financial and other support:

The Kurd Scholarships covers the following:

  • Once the applicant is, for the first time, arrived, he/ she will be welcomed by the specific team at the airport and transferred to the host university.
  • According to the living standard in Kurdistan Region, monthly amount of ($ 600) contribution to living cost in Kurdistan Region for the whole period of the study and the foundation year.
  • Free dormitory place in the host university.
  • ($ 1000) for annual flight expenses, except the applicants from USA and Australia, their annual flight expense are ($1500).
  • The visa and residential fees
  • Annual medical insurance for $ 500 and it is only for medical treatment in the Kurdistan Region and it does not cover the medical treatment outside the Kurdistan Region. The applicant has all the right to select the insurance company)
  • The study period of the Kurd Scholarships are four academic years, if an applicant could not succeed within the specific period of time, or for any period beyond four years, the applicant will be responsible for his/ her study (tuition fees, living coast, annual flight expenses and medical insurance) expenses.



The international students can apply and send their documents to the following email address no later than August 1st 2018: