Nov 2016

Dr. Yusuf Goran Express His Condolence to the Death of Ahmad Fatah Ahmad and His Family


 Dr. Yusuf Goran shared his commiseration to the family of the dead student, Ahmad Fatah Ahmad, the Student of Technical Institute of Amedy

We are so sorry that we heard the death of one of our students (Ahmad Fatah Ahmad) on Wed, Feb, 3rd.  So, in the name of our ministry, we share our condolences to the family of the student – the student at Tourism Administration department of Amedy Technical Institute/Polytechnic University of Dhouk.

We hope this sad event will be the last and final one of the family and may Allah help the friends and the family of the student to pass the event.

Ahmad Fatah Ahmad, the student of Tourism Administration at Technical Institute of Amedy/Dhouk Polytechnic University, was with his friends to vacation at Sersang Resort Area and drowned at Badarshkye Lake and passed-away.