The National Strategy for Education and Teaching


Presided by Dr. Muhsin Abid Ali, advisor to the minister of education, a meeting was held in minister’s office in the capital Baghdad on Thursday July 22nd by the media committee.

The committee is formed by the expertise and advisors committee at the national agency for preparation of education and teaching strategy in Iraq.

During the meeting, all available means of awareness for the project were discussed; including mass media, arrange meetings, and publish booklets, posters, and folders, in addition to start launching a special web site for the committee.

Two proposals were discussed regarding the project; first one was presented by the representative of university teachers association and the second by the president of teachers.

The committee has agreed on the following:

  1. Formation of a committee for media consist of members from involved parties of both the center and region, amongst will be ministry of higher education and scientific research of Kurdistan region.
  2. Setup central seminars that will bring ministry of education and ministry of higher education together, these seminars due to commence in September of this year in order to acquaint the strategy by a standard presentation that will be agreed on, these will be held in universities in the presence of education principals and a group of their staff to get the utmost benefit from the presentations.
  3. Setup TV, radio and press interviews, broadcast of ads, spokesmen will be chosen previously.
  4. Publication of guidebooks and posters in both Arabic and Kurdish languages.
  5. Commence the process of launching website in Arabic and Kurdish.

The committee also has agreed on making periodic meetings (half monthly).

The meeting was attended from Kurdistan region by Mr. Abdulwahab Muhammad Haji, director of studying licenses in ministry of education and member of secretarial office of Kurdistan teachers union. Mr. Wishyar Hamad Haji, director of parallel education and member of executive union office of Kurdistan teachers, in addition to me as representative of the ministry.

It was also attended from Baghdad by Dr. Muhsin Ali Nsaif AlMwsawy, president of teachers syndicate and the president of the media committee in the syndicate Mr. Tai Ahmed Khidhir, In addition to president of public relations Hanan Abdulnabi, vice president of teacher’s association Dr. Hamid Kareem Radam Alzaidy and Mr. Waleed Hussein, director of media in ministry of education.

Dr. Basil Alkhateeb