نوفمبر 2016

Notice regarding tuition fees for studying Masters

The ministry of higher education and Scientific Research and for the sole benefit of students of Master’s degree inside Kurdistan Region for 2010-2011 has decided during the recent meeting of its council and after reviewing the tuition fees, to make facilitations for the students so that they have more time for studying rather than thinking of how to pay tuition; the council of the ministry has come up with the following decisions:

  1. Students of Master Degree for 2010-2011 and are employees of the ministry of higher education or employees of another ministry, will pay the very basic expenses of studying needs and materials only.
  2. Students of Master degree for 2010-2011, who are studying under Parallel Education System, will pay only 25% of the actual tuition fees according to the course or discipline they applied for.
  3. Tuition fees for studying year 2011-2012 must be fully payable