Vacancy: President of the University of Halabjah in the Kurdistan Region

  The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research hereby announces a vacancy for the position of President of Halabjah University in the Kurdistan Region.   Qualifications:   The candidate for this position must possess the following qualifications:
  • a.  Doctoral degree (Ph.D.)
  • b.  Position as Assistant Professor or above at a current university
  • c.  The candidate should not have less than ten (10) years of experience in the field of higher education
  • d. The candidate should be an expert in administration and have thorough experience managing academic institutions
Announcement:   The job description including roles and responsibilities is based on the Higher Education Law which was enacted by the Kurdish Parliament in 2008. Accordingly, the pertinent roles and responsibilities of the President of the University will include the following:
  1. Leading the University Council meetings including calling for regular and special meetings. The President is responsible for implementing decisions made by the University Council and he will represent the University to all parties—public and private, local and national.
  2. Managing the scientific, administrative and financial affairs of the University according to the applicable laws and pertinent regulations.
  3. Managing all University property: movable as well as unmovable (real estate) in accordance to applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Signing contracts with foreign professionals and teaching staff.
  5. Approving delegations, scholars, and sabbatical leaves on the basis of college and institutional recommendations. This includes approving visiting and sabbatical appointments abroad and borrowing teaching staff.
  6. Recruiting for the appointment of assistant deans and heads of departments in colleges and institutes based on recommendations of the dean.
  7. Upgrading University staff.
  8. The President of the University may delegate some of his authority to the deans of colleges, assistants of the President of the University, or appropriate persons who are capable of assuming responsibility for such actions.
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Ministry of Higher Education, Kurdistan Region
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