Nov 2016

The National Ranking of Universities Has Affected the Scientific Movement in Kurdistan==

                                                      Under supervision and in the presence of Dr. Yusuf Goran, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Education College of Garmian University hold the second scientific international conference about math science under the name: Improving the Science of Math; Practically and Theoretically at the Meeting Room of the Sports and Young Directorate, Kalar.

In the conference on Sunday 21st of August in the presence of Dr. Farooq Abdul Karim, the Garmian President, Salah Kwekha, the Garmian Province Supervisor, and a great number of researchers and lecturers, the conference started and some speeches were released.

Dr. Yusuf Goran, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research released a speech showed his happiness to the participation in the conference and said, “Today, and at a scientific event I am pleasure I can participate in which the event is about a sensitive topic, math.”  Dr. Yusuf Goran also said that the math science has not been paid attention in Kurdistan while it is considered as the heart of the other sciences over the world.  “This science is in crises in Kurdistan.”

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research also said that considering that math has a huge benefit for developing other sciences, but in Kurdistan it is in a huge decline day- after-day in which the researchers and the other students bypass studying it.  “So, I am glad today this conference at Garmian University has been held about this subject.  I hope this conference will be a great supporter to math to have a greater role in society’s development.”  In this regard, Dr. Yusuf Goran explained more and had more scientific explanation and said, “If science is a major part in developing society, then vis-à-vis math English language will have the same role, as well.  In this regard, our ministry has paid attention to improve English, because if we want have a special attention to science, we have to pay attention to English as well.”

In another part of his speech, Dr. Yusuf Goran, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research mentioned the activities of the Ministry especially the one related to the national ranking of universities and said, “Though the financial crises have faced Kurdistan and still we have tried to have a transformation in the quality of research system.”  He also said that they had been able to announce the national ranking of universities for the first time and said that Garmian University though being new but still been able to be among the list. “So, I hail the staff of the university and the lecturers.”

 The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research also said, “For the coming year and in September, we will have the second year of universities’ national ranking.”  Dr. Yusuf Goran also said, “From the time we started the project of the national ranking; researches, lecturers, workshop quality, and the scientific movement have been affected in positive way.  Holding this conference is a chain of the chains and a part of the competition.  In doing this, universities are paying attention to their relationships, researches, and publishing their researches.  These make the universities to have their roles in developing their societies in which considering this role to the point of view had made the Kurdish leaders to open universities in the metropolises.  Now, though having financial issues, the universities are been able to have their positive roles in developing science and society.  In the end, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research hoped to continue these types of seminars at Garmian University.

In the event, the supervisor of the conference pointed to the target and significance of the conference.  There was explained that for the conference, about 53 scientific researches were presented and 21 of them were accepted.  The researches were prepared by 44 researchers of 10 local universities and 4 international ones.

Dr. Farooq Abdul Karim, the president of Garmian University after welcoming the delegate, said, “This conference is in the context of a chain of activities of our university. Hopefully, Garmian University past the year of 2015-2016 in full of workshops, seminars, language centers, and researches.”

There are about 100 scientific researches are done in only one year in which 20%- 30% are more than the last year. He also said that for the coming year, some new department in both evening and morning study will be opened in which can provide education for the students of 12th primary schools.

At the same time, they will lead to a source of income for universities and independency of universities. Considering the supports and sponsors were done for university, the Garmian University President had a special thanks to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research who supported the university financially and morally.  In the end, he hoped that the researches will have their impact upon society.In the conference in which will be extended to more days it is decided to present 21 researches by researchers.