Nov 2016

Behavioral Targeting for Hospitals


January 7, 2010

In the US healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) specialist CPM Marketing Group has opened a call center in Madison, Wisconsin for the purpose of providing hospitals with behavioral targeted phone communications.

CPM Marketing offers healthcare clients databases and marketing services to help with strategic planning and to enable targeted personal communications. Its new center will use an Instant CRM-enabled (ICRM) behavioral targeting system to tailor phone calls to current and prospective patients based on their past and present medical indications or their risk of developing future conditions.

This information is derived from psychographic, demographic, geographic, medical history and marketing campaign data aggregated through a hospital’s CRM database. Following identity verification, the technology provides phone representatives with real-time, customized conversation prompts relevant to the personal health needs of call participants.

The center will offer out-bound services such as market research, customer surveys, new residential recruitment, and appointment reminders, and in-bound campaign services including physician referral communications, and event registration.

‘With the opening of our call center, we can now offer our clients another way to present a consistent message across multiple communication channels and thereby maximize the value of every customer contact by providing opportunities that are relevant to individual callers,’ stated President and CEO John Hallick.

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