Nov 2016

About (10) million US Dollars has been allocated for the HCDP candidates

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 Dr. Jwan Jalal Sharif, the general director of delegates and cultural relations in the Ministry of High Education announced: " By the serious efforts and the hard work of the presidency of KRG Council of Ministers, Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research, Ministry of Finance and Economy, it has become affordable to allocate an amount of US $ (9804331) as financial grants for the candidates of HCDP."

The general director, Dr. Jwan, also mentioned that the allocation of the fund has become possible while the Kurdistan has been suffering from cute financial crises, this is why we can say that: " consideration of the life hardship been experienced by our students studying abroad has been given priority the government and the ministry." She also stated that the fund has been approved and we have become able to pay all the due grants to the candidates until May, 2015." She also added that a list containing names of the including candidate students will be announced shortly.