Nov 2016

Dr. Yusuf Goran congratulates Kurdistan Teachers Union


  Dr. Yusuf Goran, the KRG Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, congratulates the 53 anniversary of the establishment of Kurdistan Teachers Union.

“On the occasion of the anniversary Kurdistan Teachers Union’s Foundation, I congratulate you and wish that this blessed anniversary be the starting point for a more lasting prosperity and progress towards the development of the educational level in Kurdistan.” Dr. Yusuf Goran said during his speech in the ceremony of the 53th anniversary of Kurdistan Teachers Union’s Foundation.

“Kurdistan Teachers Union was established in 15 May, 1962, at that time the Kurdish people was at the stage of the great revolution in order to gain independence and stability from injustice and tyranny. During that period all the sons of the Kurdish people participated in the revolution, and the teachers had a great and an effective role, through educating the people of Kurdistan.

“It is no secret that you always carry the torch of science and rehabilitation of our people, and you had an effective and memorable role, and you were able to progress science and education sector in Kurdistan. So we all have to devote our energies in service for teachers and strive to raise the level of education in Kurdistan,” the minister said during another part of his speech.”

He also said: “We consider the position of teachers within the KRG ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s institutions as one of the great pillars of higher education process, since they have taught those who are now serving in the KRG institution. They are also teaching future engineers, officers, and academics, therefore, we will do our best to better serve them.”

Dr. Yusuf Goran thanked the teachers and professors for fulfilling their duties, especially in the current financial crisis which the Kurdistan Region passes through.

Kurdistan Teachers Union is a professional organization which represents all teachers of Kurdistan regardless of their nationality, religion, race, and political ideology.