Nov 2016

Financial Transactions for HCDP candidates

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is announcing to students who have been admitted to the HCDP program that their names will be posted on the Ministry`s website and the financial receivables will be given in the form of due payments.

In order to receive the money, the person must present himself/herself or send a representative who is legally authorized by the candidate to receive the money on their behalf. The individual must visit the accounting department of the Council of Ministers.
The Ministry will announce to the candidate whose names are in the 17th stage and affixed in the file below, to visit the accounting section in the Council of Ministers, to receive the financial cheque.
For the individuals who are unable to be present for any reason for the distribution of the cheque, please contact the accounting section in the Council of Ministers and the Directorate of scholarships/HCDP so that proper action can be taken

Candidates name for Stage 17