Nov 2016

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research: We care about private universities as we do to government universities

His Excellency Professor Dlawer A.Ala`Aldeen the minister of higher education and scientific research of Kurdistan region expressed his and the ministry`s care to private universities as they are to government universities.


He added that the government is preparing for program to upgrade the level of private universities so that to be able to compete with the government universities, in the same context an official of Ishik university said that

$60 Million has been budgeted to build new complex for the university, this came during the lay down of the foundation stone for the new complex by his excellency professor Dlawer A. Ala`Aldeen, minister of higher education and scientific research of Kurdistan region with the presence of minister of education, Mr. Safeen Dizayi and Mr. Sinan Chalabi, minister of trade and industry and a number of officials and academics in addition to the consul general of Turkey in Erbil.

Dr. Dlawer said on this occasion ,, the university is a great way to strengthen the mutual relations and confident among the two societies and to connect the Turkish market with Kurdistan region, his excellency expressed his happiness to lay foundation stone for such a well-known university, on behalf of Kurdistan regional government and citizens of Erbil city, he also thanked the staff in this academic firm for participating in the process of teaching the youth of Erbil city, his excellency said,, the construction of this university comes in the efforts of rebuilding the country.

He also explained that investment in higher education by university of Ishik and neighboring countries is considered more important than investments in other areas because it is considered as first phase to enrich the experience in Kurdistan in two ways that will have good results for both sides. His Excellency stated that the university will play great role in the consolidating of peace, Dr. Dlawer said,, the regional government is on the way to put new rules that will raise the level and standards of private universities so that be able to compete with private universities in scientific and results basis, He said the ministry`s role is to supervise, planning and strategies without interfering the daily activities of the universities.

In the same occasion Mr. Tahir Abdullah, deputy governor of Erbil city, said in his speech, he is hoping that Ishik university will contribute in the preparing of generations well-armed with knowledge and science needed by the region to be rebuilt and developed, he added,, the region couldn`t be strong and solid without a good and well taught generation and this is not be achieved without advanced universities.
Ishik University has been opened in Kurdistan region in 2007, Ishik educational institute has been working in the region since 1992, and also it has branches in Suleimania, Duhok, Kirkuk, Mosul and Baghdad.