Nov 2016

Health and Safety Third Meeting

Dr. Brwa Merza Saaid, Director of Health and Safety at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, headed the third meeting of the Control Board for Toxic Waste. The meeting took place at the new


Cultural Center of Duhok University on the 2nd of February 2012.


Dr. Brwa praised the staff and members of the Control Board for their hard work and dedication to complete control of such hazardous wastes. Such hard work in such a short time pertaining to the methods used to


control the toxic wastes and monitoring them simply was unheard of previously.


Dr. Brwa said, "The meeting had some creative results like establishing mechanisms for collecting data on toxic materials and finding feasible methods to store these chemicals without causing harm


to humans or the environment".


Dr. Bakhtyar Kamal was elected as president of the Control Board and Dr. Farwardin Sheet was elected as the vice president. A special committee was formed to supervise activities of the Control Board  in the universities and institutes. The Committee will establish some sub-committees inside the colleges and departments for the same


purpose. The Control Board also decided to publish several leaflets to raise awareness and provide instructions to those who must handle toxic materials.