Nov 2016

Formation of national high committee to oversee the international programs for education and higher education

It has been decided to form a national high committee to oversee international programs for education related to international organizations and donor countries and the projects related.

The adviser of the ministry of higher education and scientific research in Kurdistan region, Dr. Beriwan Muslih AbdulKareem said on Saturday that the new committee held its first meeting last week at the headquarter of advisory board in the federal council of ministers and the meeting was presided by deputy to the board president, Dr. Hamid Khalaf Ahmed.

The committee is said to oversee and coordinate among the related ministries and the affiliated organizations and donor countries regarding education programs and projects, so that there will be no cross or intrusion of the projects and to ensure the best available application of them.

Dr. Beriwan added that the committee contains high-level representatives of the ministries of education and higher education of both the federal and regional governments in addition to ministry of planning and developmental cooperation of the federal government.

She also stated that the committee is national, permanent and it will put its detailed work plans in front of related ministries to obtain final approval prior to getting governmental order.

Dr. Beriwan explained that the meeting ensured the necessity of forming sub committees at each related ministries (Ministry of Education and Higher Education) in Baghdad and Erbil to coordinate projects with international organizations and donor countries and to assure highest level of coordination to avoid crosses with other parties.

Dr. Beriwan mentioned that the new committee will audit the current projects related to education and higher education with international organizations and donor countries especially in financial and administrative and also to come up with standardized correspondence procedures.

She added that the committee is a step forward which will organize international programs regarding both sectors of education and higher education and to activate these programs in a way to get the best out of them.