Nov 2016

Final Results of HCDP R3

The Ministry of higher Education and Scientific Research is pleased to announce the final results of the Human Capacity Development Program of its third round. The third round of the scholarship program is completely achieved through the utilization of up to date and latest software and information technology to maintain transparency and justice in the admission process. The applicant could fill and upload all the required information and documents by him/ her with the ability to know the collected points directly after the filling of the online application form. The saved data have been used later by the HCDP committee to make decisions and to choose the best candidates from among the applicants.

In this stage the committee has only looked at the objections and appeals submitted to them by the applicants, proper decisions have been made regarding the objections and further checkup and review will be conducted when the successful applicants commence the proceedings.

Objections on the Results

The objections that have been made on the results of the third round of the program were all reviewed and checked by a special committee inside the ministry, the committee is formed of the following persons:

    * Dr. Amanj Abdullah Saaid, the advisor to the minister for academic affairs
    * Dr. Govand Hussein Sherwani, the director general of scholarship and cultural relations
    * Dr. Maher Azeez, associate director general of scholarship and cultural relations
    * Dr. Sherko Kirmanj, director of HCDP/ scholarship
    * Mrs. Aram Ibrahim, director of HCDP/ admittance

To the Successful applicants

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research wishes you all the success in your academic pursuance and hoping to return home after finishing study to serve higher education and science in the country. We also would like to ask you to provide the original documents to the directorate of HCDP (admittance) as fast as possible in order to start the proceedings and to further checkup. If the applicant has provided any false documents he/ she will be legally prosecuted.

To unsuccessful applicants

The ministry of higher education wishes the applicants who were not successful in securing a place in the program all the best and better luck in the upcoming rounds. Applicants can increase their chances in getting admittance by scoring higher points in language proficiency exams and also by getting offer to study in international universities in countries where quality assurance in academia is high.

The ministry would also like to inform the people that another round of the scholarship program will be announced before the summer of this year and there will be some changes and review to the instructions and conditions of the program, more focus will be put on language tests and there will be changes in the universities list. Therefore we are encouraging the individuals who are interested in scholarship to visit our website more frequently.

To applicants who deliberately provided false or wrong information

More review and checkup will be conducted on the original documents the successful applicant is going to provide and in case of any false or wrong information then legal actions will be taken against him/her and will lose the right to become a candidate in addition to listing his/ her name in the black list where no further application will be accepted from the person who committed the forgery for three years. The reasons behind such actions are to maintain transparency and to reserve the high values of the program and social justice.

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