Nov 2016

Dr. Yusuf Goran: Only Science is the Criterion of Determining the Accredited Universities


                       Dr. Yusuf Goran, , the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research with Dr. Yassin Awz Ismael, the general consulate of Sudan in Kurdistan Region had a meeting in which the scientific and academic relationship between both sides were talked about.

In the meeting, on Tuesday 19th, July at the HQ of the ministry in which Dr. Amanj Saeed, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s advisor, and Dr. Jwan Jalal, the general director of sending students to abroad were present.  At the beginning, the general Consulate of Sudan in Kurdistan showed his happiness to the visit and the great hospitality. Then, he had a brief about the political and historical situation of Sudan.

In the continuing of his speech, the general consulate of Sudan in Kurdistan Region said, “The Kurdistan Region has an important role in the region.” He also showed his happiness that Kurdistan Region– in the sector of higher education quality especially – has developed a lot.  The Sudanese general consulate in Kurdistan Region had a brief about the situation of higher education and universities in his country to the ministry of higher education of KRG.  He explained that a great number of international students are studying in his country; the Nigerian and Malaysian ones, especially.  He hoped that the MHESR revise his decisions regarding the international accredited universities especially the Sudanese ones.

In reverse, Dr. Yusuf Goran, the Minister of HESR after welcoming the Sudanese Consulate, pointed to the policy and strategy of his ministry and said, “The ministry’s policy considering the list of the accredited universities of the world is only master and PhD relevant, because a great number of the ones were studying in abroad in previous years were not in our list of trustworthy.  In doing this and via taking this policy, we want to improve the quality of master and PhD.”  Dr. Yusuf Goran also explained that vis-à-vis the mechanisms that they have taken against the abroad, they will practice the same policy against the local ones for the sake of improving the quality of education, as well.

The Minister of HESR also explained that the list of the accredited universities is international-based ranking.  In doing this, this ranking is up to no one, but we have taken advantage from the ranking and counted on the 1500 universities.  Our aim in doing that is to encourage the students to study in the ones whom qualities are high and doesn’t matter if it was in Khartoum or Britain or any other countries. He also said that that is the policy and strategy of the ministry to future. “To this regard, we revise this list yearly in which any university has a better qualification will be listed in the list otherwise, the ones are less qualification will be listed out of the list.  So, only the scientific quality is criterion to list the accredited universities.”