Nov 2016

Dr. Yusuf Goran: Zalmi in His Works Counted both On Holy Quran and Science

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 The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to the Professor of the world of Islam and Kurd, Mustafa Zalmi had a commemoration.

In the event, in which Nechirvan Barzani, the KRG Prime Minister and Qubad Talabani, the deputy PM of KRG and numbers of ministers, lawmakers, university presidents, lecturers, academics of Kurdistan Region, and the political parties in 14th of July at the Saad Abdullah Hall, Erbil some speeches were released.

In the speech of the committee organizer of the event via Dr. Muslih Mustafa, the head of the committee was released and after welcoming the delegates and guests mentioned the profile of Mustafa Zalmi and described him as a world scholar in terms of Sharia and Law.

Zalmi Is the Collector of All Different Views and Thoughts

Dr. Yusuf Goran, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research had a speech in the event; in the beginning and in the name of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Ministry of Endowment & Religious Affairs, welcomed the delegates and guests of the commemoration – Fortieth – of the Kurdish scholar, Dr. Mustafa Zalmi in which ‘he had collected all different people of different ideas.’  

Zalmi found the Academic Answers to the Majority of the Questions which Kurdish Community Used to find them Difficult

In another part of his speech, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research said, “I think the best way to commemorate the great people is talking about their activities and knowledgeable products.  In doing this, today I want to display some of my teacher’s works.”  He also said, “If we want to take a look at the history and profile of the great people, we will find that the profile of Dr. Mustafa Zalmi is the history of a renascence and the Kurdish Great Religious movement and holder the slogan of living together and rebirth.” He also said that anyone takes a look at Dr. Zalmi’s profile to get science resources, consistency at the education process, he/ she will find that, they are in front of a great and patriotic person; in front of a person who wanted to find the majority of the answers to the majority of the problems which were Sharia relevant understanding in the way of going to depth of the problems. Dr. Yusuf Goran said that Dr. Mustafa Zalmi till the death tried and didn’t stop for a moment on the way of developing society and that is the spirit of real science and the science followers.

Zalmi and His Characteristics

In another part of his speech, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research talked about the cumulative-science of Dr. Mustafa Zalmi and said, “Talking about the Kurdish great scholar’s role and works, Mustafa Zalmi, cannot be done easily. From now onward, we will try to stop to think about some of his characteristics’ collection in the hope that his works will ignite numbers of scientific researches and great certificates.”

Zalmi Could be a Leader in terms of Sharia Revision

In this context, Dr. Yusuf Goran said, “One of the major characteristics of Zalmi was returning back to intellect.  He thought that intellect is the source of understanding and producing of Sharia.  Based on this method, he reevaluated diligence and modified it. In doing this and based on this, he touched to Quran’s diligence.  He used to say that Iman (Belief) which was based on intellect was stronger and better than a belief which was based on imitation and traditional belief- inherited from the ancestors.  The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research kept saying, “From the same point of view and backed by Quran, he used to say, ‘There is not any Refutation in Quran and the judgement of converted people is not a Quranic originated-Judgement.’” Considering his diligence to Socrates philosophy and the new human evolution laws, he again started to review the majority of the jurisprudence laws.  In the consequence, he had being able to be the leader in terms of Sharia Science in way which would be head-to-head with intellect, and Quran and its judgements.

Zalmi Counted on Holy Quran and Science and Intellect at the same time

Dr. Yusuf Goran in the continuing of mentioning Dr. Mustafa Zalmi’s characteristics said, “Another characteristics of Zalmi was paying attention to the rights of women and his try was remove the obstacles of their rights.  In this effort, he counted both on Quran and intellect; so, because of that he expressed his idea on multi-marriage and had the final role on the civil rights, and multi-marriage.  In last days of his life, he criticized the ones whom are the Kurdistan’s residence and go to other Iraqi parts to practice their laws. The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research said, “His expression about this case testifies the seriousness of this man to support women in general and Kurdish ones in special and he was a continues-supporter of women in all public sectors and public institutions.


From Zalmi’s Point of View, the Advisory Opinion and Analyzing and Synthesizing of Muslim Scholars were not Sacred Stuffs!

Dr. Yusuf Goran in continues of coverage of Dr. Mustafa Zalmi’s Characteristics profile said, “One of Zalmi’s characteristics was critique to the real Fiqh and Sharia.  The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research also said, “He thought that the sectarian, fanatics, and racism would not go head-to-head with the innovation and invention of century.  So, because of that his major demand to people was paying attention to the major problems and solves them using their minds on the way of that. In brief, the advisory opinion of the great scholars and their analytical thoughts were the place of critique and not so sacred and the thing which was so sacred was only the divine scripts. In doing this, a scholar is someone who differentiates between scripts and culture of scripts and differentiates between what is inspirational and what is human’s effort to understand from inspiration.”  Regarding this, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research said, “So, Zalmi considering that he was from the beautiful nature of Zalm and the beauty of his source of thoughts refer to the clean and unchanged Sharia in which it is Quran.”





Paying Attention to Zalmi and His Writings and Memos and transferring them to the New Generation is Not Only an Ethical Mission, But is a Loyalty to the Humanity of Human

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research dedicated another part of his speech to the position and importance of Zalmi and to the current situation and said, “In current situation all the Muslims are in need to Mustafa Zalmi’s works than anytime. Now, we better understand this reality because of the fanatics and sectarian problems.  Since Zalmi dedicated all his life to  cancel those types of ideas – fanaticism – and creating something which be able to go with the message of peace and living together; a message which is totally different from the ones of the radicals.” Dr. Yusuf Goran also said, “Hereafter paying attention to Zalmi’s message, writing, and ideas and transferring them to the new generation is not only expressing respect to his character, but is a respect to the efforts of this great man whom spent his total life to human’s value and releasing religion from fanaticism and dogma.”

Let’s Use Zalmi’s Message to Encourage Peace and Living Together in Kurdistan

At the end of his speech, Dr. Yusuf Goran, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research mentioned the importance of Zalmi’s perspective in finalizing some of the Sharia and Fiqh thinking and said, “Zalmi was on the right path of the other previous Kurdish religious scholars and participated in transferring the spirit of accepting each other and this reflected to the academic centers of higher education, as well.  He was been able to take all the scientific steps and was a source of finalizing to some of the legal issues in the Islamic world without being affected by any Islamic groups or parties to get rid of the philosophy of peace and this was one of the characteristics of the Kurdish Islamic scholars.  This philosophy would become a scientific message and be taught at the academic centers over the world.”  At the end, Dr. Yusuf Goran said, “Let’s use the message of this great scholar a justification to spread peace and living philosophy out - the ID of Kurdish community - and strength it.”

It Is Our Mission to Respect His Scientific Service and Memo

In another part of the event, Nechirvan Barzani, the KRG Prime Minister had a speech and in the beginning of the speech, he said, “It is you, Kurdish people, Islamic world, scientific followers and I to respect the efforts and scientific service and memo of Mr. Mustafa Zalmi.”

In another part of his speech, the KRG Prime Minister said, “It is the KRG and my mission to respect this great scholar of our nation and so happy that I was the reason behind his coming back to Kurdistan and staying here.  In his memo, he mentioned that I had asked him to return back to Kurdistan and not to go back to Baghdad because we did need him and he accepted the demand and stayed here.  He was asked many times to stay in Kurdistan, but he could not accept those demands after the Uprising.”

His Decision to come back to Kurdistan was another Round of His Productivity to Kurdistan

In the continuing of his speech, Nechirvan Barzani mentioned the importance of his returning to Kurdistan and said, “His coming back to Kurdistan and visiting his city and Halabja area, gave him another period of productivity and was our main assistant to change the majority of the social understanding in our community.”

His Reform and Products are Alive in Kurdistan Region’s Laws

At the end of his speech, the KRG Prime Minister said, “Today, Mustafa Zalmi is not among us anymore –physically – but his reforms and products to the Kurdistan Region’s Laws about the rights of women, are alive for Kurdish and Iraqi people. His scientific analytics is in our mind.  Some of his books have been the syllabus of the Kurdistan Universities and some other areas of the region and the students are taught and educated based on that.”

At the end, the KRG Prime Minister had a special thanks to Dr.Yusuf Goran, The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the ministry’s staff and the organizers of the event in which they prepared the great commemoration of Zalmi.

In the event also, some features were presented about the profile of Zalmi’s works. At the end of the event, Dr. Massoud Mustafa Zalmi read the speech of the family of Mustafa Zalmi and thanked the guests and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to organize the event.

Profile and Works of Mustafa Zalmi

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Zalmi was born in 1924 in Zalm village, Hawraman area.  In 1946 graduated at the Islamic studies and in 1965 gained a bachelor degree at law at Baghdad University, then Master in Islamic Sharia and Comparison Fiqh at Baghdad University and Cairo University. In 1975 received the master degree at Al-Azhar University.

He owns 75 books and supervised dozens of researchers and master thesis about Fiqh and Sharia.