Nov 2016

His Excellency welcomed Jordanian Ambassador

On 04/25/2011 His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and scientific research received the Ambassador of Jordan in Iraq. They discussed ways of strengthening relations in the field of higher education.

The meeting was also attended by Mrs. Aram Qnbar, director of relations at the ministry. The Minister spoke about the policy of the regional government towards higher education, and also of the policies pursued by the ministry of higher education. Which together have developed a number of goals such as access to learning languages as well as upgrading the capacity and the development of ideas.

His Excellency stated that we have many talented students who are being failed by the current outdated education system, and we must revolutionise the system to be able to compete with leading European countries.

Professor Dlawer Abdul-Aziz Ala'Aldeen mentioned during the meeting: ‘as a neighbouring country we would like you to aid us in the process of development of competence by accepting a number of the region`s doctors in your universities’.

His Excellency added: ‘the joint coordination in the field of higher education will lead the way to expanding the relations in other fields’.

The Ambassador said that Jordan is ready to cooperate and reach agreements in order to establish a great partnership for the future.