Nov 2016

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research visited the University of Halabja

His Excellency Professor. Dlawer A. Ala'Aldeen and the accompanying delegation were warmly welcomed by Dr. Tahseen Abdul Kareem Ameen, dean of faculty of education on Saturday, 6th of November during his visit to the martyred city of Halabja.

His Excellency visit coincided with the anniversary of the college, in addition to congratulating the anniversary; it was an opportunity to oversee the new project of university compound of Halabja town and to closely direct the progress and stages of the construction, in the same day his Excellency met a group of students from colleges and institutes of the city, During the meeting, they exchanged views and ideas on the mechanism of implementation and application of quality assurance process in the colleges and institutes.   In the same context and in the presence of the new Mayor of Halabja, Mr. Goran Adham, the minister met a group of creative students and candidates in the program of HCDP, and shed light on this pilot and long-term project. He described the important step of the Government of Kurdistan region to be of interest of young capabilities and to build a creative staff and industrialists.

In the afternoon of the same day and in the presence of his Excellency, the ceremony of opening indoor sport hall in the college of sport, his excellency wished all the best plus the letter of congratulation from the 6th governmental cabinet president and members, he also wished the raise of education level in Halabja.
Finally and in a press conference in the presence of media, his Excellency highlighted the nature of construction works, in the same context he said that the project is a long-term and works have been done towards it from many aspects and from senior managements.

He added: "We hope that this will turn the university into a hotbed of creativity and scientific research that serve our people and become a source of development of the city and a center for research and studies in the future.