Nov 2016

Seminar on Teaching Quality Assurance at University of Duhok


On 3rd April, Duhok University organized a seminar on Teaching Quality Assurance (TQA) prior to the actual implementation of the process as a pilot project through April to June.

 They invited QA team in Ministry of Higher Education to help explaining and clarifying the process. The seminar shed light on all the basics and mechanisms of TQA; its structure, staff needed, coordinators, course book, etc.

The seminar was attended by faculty representatives from almost all colleges and departments. This initiative provided a good opportunity for the faculty to make their comments and suggestions, discuss the work plan and raise certain questions.

The vice-president for Scientific Affairs at Duhok University emphasized that “things are clear now, only action has remained” and that the faculty should have identified the coordinators and prepared their course books which will be distributed to the students.

Duhok University decided to apply the process in all the colleges and departments for the pilot project by selecting one subject within each department. This will enable faculty to have better and close idea about the process when it is fully implemented next academic year in September 2010.