DNA of cave fish of Kurdistan

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Kurdistan region,— A new species of fish has been discovered in deep waters in the Kurdistan Region due to poor weather and floods, German N24 reported on Friday.

The length of the fish is eight centimeters, the fish do not have eyes and their skin is not covered with scales, according to the German channel. The channel reported Kurdish biologist Korish Ararat has secured some of the fish, which are in the northern Zagros Mountains in the Kurdistan Region. The fish were taken to a research museum for DNA investigation, German N24 added. This is the second time such a type of fish has appeared.

Researcher Jorg Freyhof at Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries in Berlin said, “These fish would remain unknown because of their environment, which no one can reach.” Freyhof returned the fish to their environment in the deep waters of the Zagros Mountains after examinations, the channel stated.

The environment of such a kind of fish could be threatened due to the creation of dams, according to the researchers.